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Finally getting this organized. More archives to come.

I have a facebook page that links to this site. Like the page at to get a daily photo (or two or three) in your newsfeed. The facebook daily photos are also viewable here as a photo journal:

The facebook daily photos, and show photos, usually allow a "right-click and save" for up to wallpaper resolution photos. Though these are still copyrighted, you may use them freely for personal use. Personal use includes personal websites and short-run publications as long as photo credit is given. Redistribution in any collection is not allowed. Higher resolution downloads and prints (without watermark) may be purchased through the shopping cart.

Smugmug has multiple viewing options, but usually if you click on a photo, you'll get a bar at the top allowing you to change the viewing size. From there you can "right-click and save" for free. If the option is not available, you'll get a pop-up telling you so.

Wedding photos are usually password protected with a password known to the couple.

Have a look around and enjoy!

--Randall Nott

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